As my prescription has changed and my desire to have different "looks" with my glasses, I have found J.C. Reiss to be exceptional in caring for my wants and needs. They have a very diverse inventory of in-style choices and totally professional service to provide the exact prescription I require. Thanks you for your service, your friendship, and all that you do for our community.

- D.M., Morristown

Hi everyone! I was fortunate to win a pair of your fabulous sunglasses at this year’s Project Graduation. I love them! You always have a great selection of frames, even for children. I want to thank you for always supporting our school district and supporting the community. I tell everyone about the terrific service at JC Reiss. Thank you!

- Helene B., Morristown

I just want you to know that you guys went beyond the call of duty to get my glasses to me. Please know that it was awesome having those during my trip. My wife, Julia, and I will definitely be customers for life. Cheers!

- Greg, New Vernon

I’ve worn glasses all my life and my family has been going to J.C. Reiss since they were in Newark. Although I moved to Boston for my job eight years ago, I still go back to them whenever I have a new prescription.

- Dan P., Boston

I was out walking my dog and accidentally dropped my glasses. The lenses were so scratched I could barely see. I took them back to J.C. Reiss, where I bought them, fully expecting to have to buy new lenses. Turns out, I was still within my warranty and they replaced them for free! Thanks, guys!

- Mike H., Morristown

Trying to find glasses for my six-year-old was a nightmare! The doctor’s office had no selection and she’s small for her age, so we couldn’t find anything in her size. I asked one of the other mothers at my daughter’s school where she got her son’s glasses…she said J.C. Reiss. I went there not knowing what to expect. They were all so friendly, and they had a separate kids room that was full of frames! We had no problem finding cute glasses; the hardest part was picking just one! Thank you, J.C. Reiss!

- Jenn D., Chatham

I broke my frame on the way to work, so I stopped in at J.C. Reiss to see if they could even be fixed. Not only did they fix them while I waited, but there was no charge! I will definitely buy my glasses there from now on!

- Bill A., Mendham