J.C. Reiss Optician is proud to offer complete optometric care for the entire family including comprehensive eye exams and contact lens fittings with our independent optometric physician, Dr. Omar Munshi, O.D.

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So what exactly DO you test for in a comprehensive exam?

Refractive error

This is what most people think about when they think of an eye exam. Myopia (nearsightedness), Hyperopia (farsightedness), Presbyopia (loss of ability to focus on close objects) and Astigmatism are all conditions that can affect your vision and cause things to become blurry.

Tired of feeling rushed out of the exam room? Feeling stressed if you made the right decision: 1 or 2? We devote the extra time and care needed in order to get the most accurate prescription for you. This ensures that you will leave with the very best glasses and/or contact prescription to allow you to see clearly and comfortably.

Binocularity (Eye Teaming)

Although often overlooked, how your eyes work together is just as important as how they work individually. Eye teaming problems are actually quite common and are often responsible for symptoms such as:

  • Frequent headaches, especially when reading or on the computer
  • A feeling of strain or difficulty concentrating when performing up-close tasks
  • Seeing double
  • Losing your place when reading/skipping lines
  • Intermittent blur
  • Poor depth perception/inability to see 3D

During your exam, we will ask you about these symptoms and test your eyes to see how they’re working together. Depending on the specific problem, treatment for binocularity issues can include special computer glasses, special reading glasses, prisms, or recommendation for vision therapy.

Ocular Health

Just like getting a routine physical at your primary care doctor, it is important to examine the overall health of the eye too. During your visit, we examine every part of the eye-inside and out-and test for conditions such as:

  • Glaucoma
  • Diabetes/Diabetic retinopathy
  • Macular degeneration
  • Cataracts
  • Dry eye
  • Allergies

We also see emergency patients for conditions such as eye injury, pink eye, etc.