“I broke my frame on the way to work, so I stopped in at J.C. Reiss to see if they could even be fixed. Not only did they fix them while I waited, but there was no charge! I will definitely buy my glasses there from now on!” - Bill A., Mendham


“Trying to find glasses for my 6 year old was a nightmare! The doctor’s office had no selection and she’s small for her age, so we couldn’t find anything in her size. I asked one of the other mothers at my daughter’s school where she got her son’s glasses…she said J.C. Reiss. I went there not knowing what to expect. They were all so friendly, and they had a separate kid’s room that was full of frames! We had no problem finding cute glasses; the hardest part was picking just one! Thank you, J.C. Reiss!” - Jenn D., Chatham


“I was out walking my dog and accidentally dropped my glasses. The lenses were so scratched I could barely see. I took them back to J.C. Reiss, where I bought them, fully expecting to have to buy new lenses. Turns out, I was still within my warranty and they replaced them for free! Thanks, guys!” - Mike H., Morristown


“I’ve worn glasses all my life and my family has been going to J.C. Reiss since they were in Newark. Although I moved to Boston for my job eight years ago, I still go back to them whenever I have a new prescription.” - Dan P., Boston

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